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Abroad App

The Abroad App is a mobile platform open for students and parents. There are many universities around the globe offering courses for students to study abroad each year. However, the market lacks readily accessible platforms that provide information about courses from different universities. The absence of such platform makes studying abroad a tedious task that requires huge individual effort and time consumption in research. The goal of this app is to provide all the available information and guidance to the users about courses and applications. In addition, the app provides a function of comparing between courses to enhance the inviduality in user experience.

  • Searches by applying filters
  • Free student app
  • Offers option to compare between universities
  • Has an option to change languages
  • Brief introduction to the university and its living, transportation, and housing
  • Engaging UI/UX
  • A built-in community for users
  • Personalized preferences
  • Provides information about application and VISA
  • Has up-to-date information on the universities
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Universities or colleges are institutions that carry out a vast set of systematic and complex procedures of utmost importance. The need of the hour is a system that can manage and monitor all these activities coherently. This is precisely where our University Management Information System comes into play. Our UMIS is a 360° solution that organizes and streamlines the sophisticated and elaborate practices starting with admission management, examination management, college affiliation procedures, certificate management, alumni management, human resource management, extending to all the other different departmental functions. For this, our system has inculcated various modules that enable the university/colleges to integrate all its functions into a single digitized platform seamlessly.

Universities and colleges deal with sensitive and critical information that needs to be treated with the utmost security and confidence. Our UMIS takes into account all the security aspects of the data and information and created a system that eradicates the manipulation and mismanagement of data. This system also helps in detecting fraud or glitches, making this a secured, centralized, and scalable platform.

  • Improves Communication - Facilitates flawless interdepartmental communication.
  • Promotes Transparency - Creates transparency in the functions of the university.
  • Digital Transformation - Upgrading the university from an outdated pen and paper system into a more robust and scalable digital system.
  • Process Automation - Automating the entire process of Universities / Colleges.
  • One stop solution - Encompassing all the processes from admission to examination management into a single platforms.
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  • 01
    Admissions Management
  • 02
    Examination Management
  • 03
    Affiliation of Colleges
  • 04
    Degree/ Certificate Management
  • 05
    Alumni Management
  • 06
    Human Resource Management
  • 07
    Modern Facilities